Blueverse operates at the frontier of the technologies converging towards the next generation of human-computer interactions

Blueverse is the investor partner to the talents at the intersection of blockchain, AI, and the maturing metaverse. Our vision is to change the world one deep tech use case at a time.

We are passionate about investing in the future and are committed to building a better future through technology.

what do we do?

what do we do?

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meet the blueverse team

With a comprehensive range of services and unique approach to emerging tech investment, we aim to become the preferred partner for the deep tech industry.

Fabio La Franca

Founding Partner

Kate Whu

London, UK, Beijing

Emeric Hudault

Advisor, Executive Director at Fosun

Advisor X

Advisor, world class fund manager

Dr. Hoda Al Khzaimi

Venture Partner, World Economic Forum fellow
UAE, New York

Sam Huber

Venture Partner, Co founder and CEO at LandVault
London, UAE

Anne-Margot Rodde

Advisor, Gaming specialist

London, Los Angeles

Roxane Fricou

Advisor, Private market and emerging funds specialist

Dr. Alexandre Bergel

Advisor, AI and machine learning scientist
Switzerland, Santiago

Yann Galet

Advisor, Multi Family Office


Patrice Boffa

Advisor, Cybersecurity C level
Mountain View
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