award-winning global investment platform

award-winning global investment platform

Blueverse is a thesis driven investor focused on the emerging technologies converging towards the next cyberspace.

Blueverse invests in the convergence of AI, deep tech, and the expanding metaverse—a realm of boundless ‘Blueverse’ potential. 

We are dedicated to building the future of entertainment and social interactions.

Blueverse operates at the frontier of the technologies converging towards the next generation of human-computer interactions

Blueverse is the investor partner to the talents at the intersection of blockchain, AI, and the maturing metaverse.

Our vision is to change the world one deep tech use case at a time. We are passionate about investing in the future and are committed to building a better future through technology.

Blueverse Thesis

Envisioning the metaverse as the next-generation cyberspace built on a decentralised web, we see a multi-trillion-dollar horizon reminiscent of the internet’s dawn in the ’90s.

Our mission is to forge a ‘Blueverse’ ecosystem at the vanguard of human-computer interaction, positioning ourselves as pioneers in the burgeoning tech frontier.

catalysts of

digital evolution

We stand by the visionaries who advance IP and technology in gaming, entertainment, and beyond.

Blueverse backs exceptional talent addressing structural shifts and foundational pillars for the next generation of the digital world.

Our focus lies on sectors ripe for growth—powered by blockchain, AI, and digital twin technologies. As the industry evolves with new monetisation models, we see potential in utility digital assets for substantial value creation.

Leading founders align with us, recognising a shared ambition for transformative success.

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entrepreneurs at heart — poised to fund future unicorns

At Blueverse, we resonate with our portfolio founders’ challenges and aspirations. As early-stage partners, we are poised to fund future unicorns, supplying the capital and resources necessary to craft the tools and experiences defining tomorrow’s cyberspace.

fueling digital


At Blueverse, we champion innovative pioneers who are crafting the future. Discover the trailblazing companies we back, each selected for their visionary approach and potential to disrupt industries and enrich lives.

insights and press

Explore the latest insights and noteworthy press features spotlighting Blueverse’s impactful journey and the groundbreaking strides of the companies we support. Stay informed on the trends shaping the future and our collaborative achievements in the innovation landscape.

Established in late 2021, Blueverse has rapidly developed into a multi-award-winning platform and brand, garnering worldwide recognition from leading founders, top-tier venture funds, and the broader ecosystem.

Leading with Ethics

Blueverse stands out with a commitment to sustainability and impactful tech investments.

We believe in the transformative power of the metaverse, cryptoverse, and web3 to web5 innovations, envisioning a society enriched by enhanced values, communities, and digital experiences.

Our technology, starting in gaming and digital entertainment, will extend to education, work, and healthcare, offering access to superior resources. By leveraging our portfolio, we unlock synergies and growth potential, connecting founders for unparalleled impact and value.

The fund for the future cyberspace

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